Life’s Benefits of Tent Living

Life’s Benefits of Tent Living

Nowadays, tent living is becoming more common. Whether we welcome the challenge, finances have depleted or simply want a change of pace: Tent living is undeniably on the rise. Truth be told, it takes getting used to but it also comes with some amazing benefits.

The Challenge

Tent living for any reason will propose challenging obstacles. Furthermore, that challenge is an awesome reason to try it. There is a rewarding feeling that originates from having the capabilities to live and thrive in a tent without the hassle of everyday living. With tent living you’re minimizing much less than the average person. You’re basically living off the land and taking it back to the good ole days before modernization all-the-while taking back your independence. Going back to that empowers you, it also offers a sense of security in knowing that if - and when - the system collapses you’re mentally and physically prepared to continue life. It most definitely fills you with pride and accomplishment. Without a doubt, it’s unlike anything else.

The Expense

A major decrease in living expenses, I believe, is one of the best reasons for wanting to live in a tent. I agree, it can be a bit extreme – but in the winter purchasing a good tent, lighting, stocking up on supplies, and setting up a heater is in no comparison to the recurring cost of rent, gas, internet, electricity, etc. While living in a tent and you’re in need of a more normal life experience just go to the library with internet and join a gym for free showers then you should be good to go – all at an abundant savings!

The Simplicity

We can all agree that life is more complicated than in past times, yet, less rewarding. Easily we find ourselves stressed and wrapped up in things that shouldn’t matter. Everything passes by so quick. A little change of pace, a little more simplicity is what’s essential. Life living in a tent focuses and forces the important things to matter once more. And those things that don’t matter are a thing of the past. Majority of us haven’t experienced true simplicity of life which can make tent living a life changing moment. Let’s face it - we’ve been spoiled by societies gadgets that could have very well have handicapped us from even the idea of self-sufficiency.  I’m here to tell you that the advantages of living in a tent year-round can be astounding. Saving funds, feeling happier, tapping into your spiritual, challenging yourself, and making life less worrisome are only a few things many people desire. It’s too easy to assume you can’t do it, but truth of the matter, the more we’re approaching reality it's becoming the new norm.

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