About Us

Our mission at Survival Kings is to provide the best resources and products for those interested in off the grid living, self-defense, prepping and wilderness preparedness. We are dedicated in helping people become more self-reliant and better equipped to face the real threats that exist today. Survival Kings offers a wide variety of products for surviving man-made and natural disasters, crime, as well as, offer tactics that will help you survive almost any crisis.

Unlike other survival gear businesses, here at Survival Kings we live what we preach and have hands on continual experience of self-sufficiency; therefore, we are constantly discussing and researching survival strategies and reviewing survival products so that you and your family are prepared for the unexpected -  whether it be at home, school, in the car or in the wilderness!

The products you’ll find at Survival Kings will allow you to eat food, drink clean water, breath clean air, protect against disease, resolve injury, illness and even assemble provisional shelter. Along with faith, these are the mandatory necessities to thrive through any emergency....Are you Survival King ready?

  Real Kings live it!