115+-Hour Emergency Candles

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  • Set of 3
  • EMERGENCY CANDLE GUIDEBOOK – Included is the FREE Disaster Necessities Emergency Candle Guidebook – We give you the information you need to ensure you aren’t left in the dark during an emergency - 100% Disaster Necessities Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • EASE OF USE – Our candles are easy to use and light - each candle burns for up to 115 hours – That’s over FOUR DAYS straight! Candles can be extinguished and stored, so you can use them again and again
  • DISASTER KIT NECESSITY - These candles are an ideal addition to homes, cars, camp sites and patios, and should be included in every emergency kit to ensure you and your family can see during a blackout, natural disaster, or any emergency situation
  • SMOKE & ODOR FREE - The fuel for these long-burning candles is high quality liquid paraffin, meaning they burn CLEAN! Candles are smokeless, odorless, and soot-free making them safe for outdoor & indoor use