2-Person Bug Out Bag

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  • You never know when disaster will strike. Don't be caught unprepared
  • Both kits contain USA made SOS brand food and water, US Coast Guard approved for a 5 year shelf life
  • All supplies are conveniently packaged in a discrete and nondescript black backpack
  • Protect yourself, protect your family

Carry Everything You Need To Survive:

  • Whether it's an earthquake, a house fire, or civil unrest there's always a chance you'll need to leave your home at a moment's notice, i.e. 'bugging out'. That is not the time to be gathering what you need.

  • This Bug-out Bag is built with your needs in mind. Store your bug-out bag at home, work, or in your car; and always carry a peace of mind.

First Aid

- 118 Piece First Aid Kit

- 2x N95 Masks

Weather Protection

- 2x Reflective Sleeping Bag

- 2x Emergency Poncho

- 1x Tube Tent

- 2x Hand Warmers

Food and Water

- 2x 3600 kcal Food Bars

- 12x 4.2 ounce Water Pouch

- Both US Coast Gaurd Approved for 5 year shelf life and made in the USA

Water Purification

- 1x Folding 1 liter Water Container

- 5x Water Purification Powder

- 1x Water Purification Instruction Sheet

Hygiene and Sanitation

- 2x Toothbrushes

- 1x Toothpaste

- 2x Toothbrush

- 1x Toothpaste

- 1x Comb

- 1x Razor

- 1x Shampoo

- 1x Soap Bar

- 2x Feminine Pad

- 1x Washcloth

- 1x Toilet Paper (roll)

- 1x Sewing Kit

Miscellaneous Tools

- 2x Glow Sticks

- 1x 5-in-1 Survival Whistle

- 1x 5 millimeter x 50 feet Rope

- 1x Duct Tape

- 1x Pair of Work Gloves

- 1x Multitool Knife

- 1x Playing Cards

- 1x GI Can Opener

Emergency Preparedness Guidebook

- 1 x 48 Page Emergency Guidebook

- 1 x Pencil

- 1 x Weatherproof Zip bag

Light and Communication

- 1x Dynamo Radio/Flashlight