Aqua-Blox Emergency Drinking Water 6.75oz. Case-32

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Aqua Blox® vs Bottled Water

* Aqua Blox® was designed as a multifunctional emergency water product for first responders.
* Bottled Water was designed as a consumer beverage for retail application.

* Aqua Blox® has a 5 year shelf-life, tested and approved by the United States Coast Guard.
* Bottled Water has a maximum 2 year shelf-life and will experience 'package migration' making the contents taste like the plastic bottle when stored.

* Aqua Blox® is packaged using Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization (UHT), yielding commercially sterile water suitable for hydration, wound cleansing, or as an eye wash.
* Bottled Water contents and packaging are not sterilized when packaged.

* Aqua Blox® is packaged in specifically designed, aseptic, multi-layer, corrosion-resistant material and is hermetically sealed without light or air contact, ensuring extended product quality and long-term storage.
* Bottled Water was designed for appeal and immediate consumption, not for long-term storage.

* Aqua Blox® can be frozen and used as an ice pack for first aid or freezer packs to preserve perishable food during power outages and serves essential hydration needs when thawed.
* Bottled Water expands, splits, and leaks when frozen.

·     3-day survival supply

·     5-Year shelf life from date of manufacture

·     6.75 ounce size

·     US Coast guard approved

·     Withstands extreme storage temperatures without altering shelf life

·     Packaged 32 Aqua Blox® per case (total 216.0 oz. / 1.687 gallons)

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