Emergency Evacuations: Get Out Fast When It Matters Most!

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If there is one crisis that catches hundreds of thousands of people by surprise each year, it's an emergency evacuation. Running from a house fire, rising flood waters, a nearby chemical spill or a wildfire is the very picture of panic and chaos, crying children, and confused parents. It doesn't have to be that way, though. In this latest book by Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford, the reader learns how to distinguish between urgent and planned evacuations, when to hit the road and when to stay put. Learn how to create a realistic and customized plan that fits your family, from infants to the elderly. Lisa even includes an easy-to-follow plan for loved ones with special needs. Put all the pieces together for staying calm and fearless: Pack an emergency kit on a budget Identify safe destinations when you have no place to go (bug out locations) Safely evacuate special needs family members, infants, and pets Extensive lists of "To Pack" and "To Do" items Plus, Lisa includes real-life stories of moms who fled a fatal house fire and returned to a home and business destroyed by flood waters.

Emergency Evacuations: Get out fast when it matters most is your road map to establishing a complete plan to insure that your loved ones remain safe in the face of danger.

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