Survival Case Kit

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  • Portable zipper tool survival kit case
  • Multifunction survival tool: pocket folding knife with LED flashlight. Multifunctional tool card: side of knife, slotted screw pliers, straightedge, opener, outer hexagonal wrench, wrench, double staggered sawtooth, direction recognizer, positioning wrenches, circular hole, multifunctional. Emergency whistle.
  • Survival wire saw: with super sharp blades and smooth features do not hurt the hand, is the fastest existing pocket wire saw. Rare earth alloy Ignition rods: directing fire can not ignite, scooped into the water can be wiped away immediately make fire. It can also be make fire under wet, cold, rain, snow weather and low pressure. Compass: compact and flexible high sensitivity
  • Meet all needs in wildernes survival.
  • Small size and easy to carry.

Package Includes

1 x Stainless Steel Versatile Tool Card 
1 x Fire Starter 
1 x Compass 
1 x Wire Saw 
1 x Emergency Whistle(Color is random between red and silver) 
1 x Multifunction Flashlight Pliers(Color is random between red and silver) 
1 x Waterproof Zipper box