Mini Survival Kit

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  • Powerful combo set: Spring-action Needle nose Pliers, Spring-action Regular Pliers, Spring-action Wire Cutters ,Wire Stripper, Saw Blade, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Wood/Metal File, Phillips Screwdriver, Medium Slotted Screwdriver, Large Knife Blade, Key Buckle.
  • Survival and emergency preparedness be prepared during unexpected major emergencies, natural weather disasters, and survival situations that require medical-grade supplies for immediate treatment, relief, and prevention of injuries and infections first aid kit
  • Unique And Upgraded items. Bigger, stronger metal scissors and knife. inside is everything you need to help you survive: fire starter, knife, compass, whistle, saw, multipurpose flash light pliers,scissors,flashlight,fishing lines,fishing weights,fishing
  • Wire saws: with super sharp blades and smooth features do not hurt the hand, is the fastest existing pocket wire saw. Rare earth alloy Ignition rods: directing fire can not ignite, scooped into the water can be wiped away immediately make fire. It can also be make fire under wet, cold, rain, snow weather and low pressure. Compass: compact and flexible high sensitivity
  • Small size and easy to carry, this extremely useful kit can be placed in a backpack, car, drawers, etc. It's necessary when camping, hiking, adventures, survival and in emergency situations

Package Included: 
1 x Powerful Multitool Plier 
1x Tactical Folding Knife 
1 x Bright LED Flashlight 
1 x Stainless Steel Versatile Tool Card 
1 x Fire Starter 
1 x Compass 
1 x Wire Saw 
1 x Emergency Whistle 
1 x Scissrs 

1 x Silver Emergency Blanket 
1 x Bandage Triangulaire 
1 x Non-Woven Surgical Tape 
1 x Blue Tourniquet 
1 x Plastic Tweezers 
1 x Alcohol Prep Pad 
1 x Circular Band-aid 
1 x Sting Relief 
1 x Povidone-lodine 
1 x Cotton Stick 
1 x Safety Pins 

1 x Fishing lines 
1 x Fishing weights 
1 x Fishing hooks 
1 x Swivels 
1 x Floats