Multi-Tool Camping Kit

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  • A MUST PROFESSIONAL SURVIVAL KIT FOR ALL: You never know when you're going to need it, and having this lightweight kit on hand is the best way to equip yourself for the adventures of life and the unpredictable future.
  • BECOME THE BOSS OF EVERY CAMPING: With premium quality and function in mind, the Multi-Tool Camping Kit is the best product of its kind on the market today!
  • SURVIVAL IN VITALITY IS MORE ENJOYABLE: You never know when you’ll need the valuable tools inside your emergency kit, but it’s nice to have peace of mind knowing they are there, if needed.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERYONE: Kits is the fact that they aren’t the same old design you’ve seen a million times. Say goodbye to the boring black or gray case. The Multi-Tool Camping Kit is the best present for all occasions.

 1 x Stainless Steel Tool Card: This all in one tool includes a knife edge, can and bottle cap opener, screw driver, butterfly, hexagon wrench, ruler, saw, angle gauge. 

1 x Compass: Highly sensitive and compact compass. 

1 x Multi-Function Pocket Pliers: This pocket pliers includes a small, sharp blade, and regular attachments found on standard pocket pliers.

1 x Emergency Flashlight: Powerful, bright bulb gives you light in the darkness. The long-lasting battery is included, providing hours of use. 

1 x Multi-Use Whistle: Complete with a key ring attached to prevent loss, this whistle is loud and will assist in signaling help. 

1 x Fire Starter: Easy to use and durable. 

1 x Wire Saw: With comfortable hand holds on either side, this sharp wire saw allows you to cut through many different materials. The wire saw easily wraps up to fit in the carrying case. 

1 x Tough, Durable Splash-proof Case: Made of high quality steel, the Emergency Survival Kit carrying case is designed to protect the tools inside, providing you with the essential items you need in one small, lightweight kit.