NBC Protection Gas Mask Filter

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  • Military-Grade Drager Combination Filter (EN14387), 1140 A2B2E2K1HgP3 R D Gas Mask Filter 40mm CBRN Military Grade Gas Mask Filter Made in 2017
  • INCLUDE: 1 filter . Fits all 40mm Gas Masks and Respirators. Drager’s Combination Filter 1140 A2B2E2K1HgP3 R D offers users protection against a wide range of hazardous gases and vapours. It also includes a part of the filter which is 99.95% efficient in filtering out dust and particulates.
  • Each Filter Cartridge is factory sealed with thorough instructions
  • Easy to use emergency preparedness CBRN filters for both professionals and civilians
Manufactured in 2017 Brand New Sealed Fits Israeli M15, civilian and all NATO military gas masks Fits all respirators that require 40mm NATO cartridge A2B2E2K1HgP3 R D filters(MORE PROTECTION then Mestel Filters) are intended for the protection of individuals against gases, vapors and particle NBC threats They are compatible with NATO 40mm thread systems and are of activated impregnated carbon, with microglass and cellulose fiber particle filters for maximum absorbency and protection.