Self-Inflate Sleeping Pad

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  • Comfortable, Durable , Abrasion resistant and Lightweight; SMALL enough to fit inside a backpack; Package size: 13.39"x6.30"x6.30".
  • Has a sturdy valve. When the valve is opened, air enters the mattress automatically without requiring campers to spend hours inflating it.
  • Waterproof polyester taffeta, ABS quick flow valve, high-resilience sponge filling, 0.98 inch thickness when full inflated
  • Because of the extrusion in the transport, please beat the pad to expand it when first used; For increased firmness,sleep pad can be manually inflated by blowing into the valve. Close valve to maintain firmness.
  • A repair patch is sewn into the carrying bag if you accidentally puncture your air-filled sleeping pad; Unfolded size: L72.8'' x H 0.98'' x W23.6'';Total weight: 2.25 lbs.

1. Take the pad out of its carrying bag. 
2. Open the valve and place the pad flat and it will auto-inflate. 
3. Closing the valve to prevent the air from rushing back out once you lay on it. 
4. Inflate the pillow by your mouth or air pumps. 
5. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of our Sleeping Pad!

1. Open the valve. Roll the mattress up quickly. You can kneel on the pad as you are rolling it. 
2. Close the valve. Unroll the sleeping pad to its full length again. 
3. Open the air valve again. Continue to roll up the sleeping pad 
4. Screw tighten the valve and then hitch the pad with the black elastic band (included). 
5. Then you can fit it right in your stuffed sack.