Survival Food Tablets

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  • SURVIVAL FOOD SIMPLIFIED - Don't worry about what to pack as your protein source for hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, boating, hunting, or preparedness. The days of spoiled meats, heavy beans and carrying empty calorie food bars are over.
  • YOUR LIGHTEST BACKPACK EVER - Slim down your emergency food kit by replacing protein with a highly stable, lightweight, low volume, non GMO, gluten free protein substitute that’s made in the USA.
  • REFUEL ON THE RUN - Take with water wherever you are to reduce hunger and get the fuel your muscles need in survival situations. Greatly minimize your dietary protein requirements over 7 days in a bottle that fits the palm of your hand.
  • STAY SHARP, STAY STRONG - SurvivAMINO contains the 8 essential amino acids in a highly efficient blend to keep you alert and strong. Great for those on low protein diets, added to high calorie MREs, or when you just don't have time to eat a full meal.
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE – Join the thousands that have added the highly efficient SurvivAMINO emergency food tabs to their supplies. Each daily dose is equivalent to approximately 45g of dietary protein or 90g of soy, casein or whey supplements.
  • (6 week supply), 6 Bottles